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Our philosophy

Sustainable vision

We like to do things differently - in order to advance a "sustainable" life in our actions and daily tasks. For us, our clients and those who surround us, being conscious of our ambience: always taking care that our services and products don't have a negative impact on our environment. 

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Sustainable Philosophy

We reduce, recycle and re-use our ressources as much as possible. We take care and value our co-workers as well as the neighbourhood and locals who supply us with their products and/or services, so that we all can grow and develop - in some way helping to create a society more equal. Therefore our biggest challenge is to manage our hostel following this "sustainable vision", where our present and future actions are based on protecting and preserving the environment and natural ressources as well as promoting the local economy - in order to achieve a fair and beneficial social development for all of us.

Nuestra filosofía
Nuestras practicas

Our Practices

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Grey waters

The gray water (from the sink and shower) is separated from the black water (toilet), taking advantage of this resource to irrigate trees and gardens.

Solar collector

We have solar collectors to supply the sanitary hot water system and photovoltaic panels to generate our own electricity.

We separate waste

We separate waste such as plastics, glass, cans, tetra pack and others, which are later recycled or reused.

Km 0

The vast majority of products used for breakfast are organic and fresh, from neighbors and local suppliers, reinforcing the "Zero Kilometer" concept and thus reducing our Carbon Footprint.

Support to the community

We support a municipal school in our community in various actions, to give our children and youth a greater opportunity, especially in the English language.


All lighting is based on LED technology, which is highly energy efficient and very low consumption.

Natural fertilizer

All organic waste is separated at the source and with it compost (natural fertilizer) is produced for our plants, trees and orchards.

Fair price

We encourage the purchase of local products at a "fair price" for our neighbors and collaborators,

Organic garden

Our garden and trees are planted and cultivated in a 100% organic way, without pesticides or chemicals.

Quienes somos

About us 

A bit of our history ...

We are Alejandra and Roberto, architect and hotel manager, a Chilean couple. We love to enjoy life, share with friends, travelling, getting to know new places and, of course, giving ourselves the space to chill and relax

We discovered the Valley and we felt enchanted by this endless clear sky of an intense deep blue, and its magical starry nights, by the energy of the nature, its warm climate and, above all, we felt very welcomed by the local people..

And so we found this, our gentle place in the Valley, which we call  ElquiTerra.  We wanted to share its charms and converted it into a Bed and Breakfast and familiar hostel. We opened our doors for those travellers who are really interested in knowing the valley and its enchantments, its people, its traditions and especially for those who evaluate and enjoy a peaceful and quiet ambience.

For the convenience of our guests we speak English, Spanish, German and Portuguese.

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